How to include non network features in Schematic diagram at its proper location

Discussion created by RajeshMane on Jun 22, 2010
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I am usign Schematic designer 9.3.1 , stanadard builder for my schematic diagram. I have tried several ways but failed to bring the point feature which is not participating in Geometric network.
1: I have created new element and assiciated with diagram , when i am trying to generate SCH diagram of selected features(Selection contains both features network/Non network) Network features are properly coming on there schematic location but there is featureclass 'LA' (point feature)which is not participating in Geometric network is still getting its original Geographic location. What is the solution.
2: later I have applied Spatial rule which is searching spatially connected 'LA' from Network edge feature. Still the same.Its on geographic location which is not suppoesed to be correct.
3: I have used Reverse relation which is pulling the 'LA' near to its corresponding edge feature(centroid of line)  but not on proper location. Snapshot attached.

Can Anyone help me out to bring the nonnetwork feature on it proper sch location.