Creating an additional geodatabase with one ArcSDE Installation

Discussion created by fellj on May 26, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2010 by fellj
I'm running ArcSDE 9.3 on a Windows Server 2003 box and SQL Server 2008 (build 10.01.1600.22).

I'm trying to create an additional single database model geodatabase using an existing installation of ArcSDE. I already have an existing multi-database model geodatabase and want to migrate to the new one. The arcgis documentation tells me into order to create an additional geodatabase in the post install I need to specify a different dbtune file. I have edited my dbtune file but I believe it may not be correct. I have attached it as a text file. I have specified different file groups according to arcgis recommendations. I cannot get the service to start properly. The sde_<myservice>.log has the following error:

ArcSDE 9.3  for SQL Server Build 508 Thu Apr 17 12:23:18  2008
Connected to instance . . .
DB_read_system_tab_storage_config() ERROR: Reading dbtune table (-25)
Warning: Unable to read system storage parameters,dbtune (-25)
Unable to verify the existence of the DBTUNE table, error = -25.
DBMS error code: 229
Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0: The DELETE permission was denied on the object 'SDE_dbtune', database 'PTYP1', schema 'dbo'.

Any ideas at what could be the source of this error?

What documentation can help me know exactly how to create the custom configuration keywords I need?