Symbology -> Stretched is not smooth at all

Discussion created by jt7747 on May 16, 2010
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Let me explain this question as well as I can because I'm told that poorly written questions tend not to get replies.

I have created a distance raster from a point. The cellsize is small (5m) and the extent is large (50km) so we should get a nice continuous field of values in the distance raster.

To symbolise it the only option is Stretched. Great. So I choose a nice white to black stretched ramp. Assuming that we've got at least 8bits (and I was hoping more) of data for our monochrome scale I was hoping to have a nice gradation. But not so.

Check out the attached jpg. Look at the RGB values in photoshop: they jump in values of two or three. I would have hoped to get a nice smooth gradation but instead the stretched symbology results in an ugly discretization of my data. Why I can not have grey values from 0 to 256? It looks like there's only about 100 gradations. That ain't right. It looks ugly as you'll see.

How do I get a smoother set of grey values? Thanks