Cost Distance: cell counts

Discussion created by kentamani on Jul 26, 2010
Dear experts!

I am using the Cost Distance function to estimate the shortest travel hours from a raster cell to the closest town (a similar approach to global accessibility map by JRC)(

I want to calculate the shortest distance (i.e. in km) corresponding to the accumulated travel costs (hours) estimated by CostDistance. I make run this function on a friction surface at 1 km resolution. So I could approximate that distance in km, if I can capture the number of cells that are traced by the cost distance function. At the end, I need to map the total cell counts assigned to each grid cell.

Does someone know how I can get the number of cells?  
Or do you have better idea to estimate a "distance" corresponding to the CostDistance function?

Many thanks in advance for your great help!

P.S. i apology if my question is not clear enough. i can explain further ;-)