Alternative way of creating flat buffers using standard ArcView License

Discussion created by andrewmayes on Apr 20, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2017 by Jorjone90
I'm currently undertaking some analysis in ArcView that requires the use of 50m buffers along a line. However, the line itself is broken into sections and I need to create flat buffer at the end of each section (as opposed to the standard round buffers that are used within the ArcView licence) to avoid double counting within the overlapping circular ends. Given I dont have an ArcInfo Licence, is there an easy alternative approach I could use to get the same resulting buffer?
An obvious step would be to create individual rectangular polygons for each section, but given that the line lengths of each sections are likely to change over the course of the project as the design is refined, I was hopeful of finding a way to do this whereby I could easily re run the the process if if changes were made.
Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a simple diagram of the issue I have to explain it better. The red line indicates the ideabuffer break as opposed to the circular ends which obviously create overlaps.
Thanks very much in advance.....