Tool Aggregate Points

Discussion created by a.schwabedalesri-de-esridist Employee on Feb 16, 2010

I experiment with the new generalization tool Aggregate Points and I am not quite sure how useful this tool is for my clients workflows.
First practical scenario right now what comes to mind is to aggregate building points into building areas. Would be really sweet to accomplish this step in one geoprocessing tool...but:
- it would be awfully useful if the tool could take barriers (like in Resolve Building Layers). Reason: the resulting building areas must not overlap streets/rivers/etc.
- the aggregation distance is sometimes not respected...it appears to "jump". See attached screenshot, there are some incidents where I would expect a different polygon shape. If I understand the tool correctly it should connect points within the defined aggregation distance.
-> left side: why does the tool not include the two points nearest to the street? The distance is within the defined aggregation distance.
-> lower part: the tool jumps to the middle point, but the other points are within the aggregation distance as well.

My thoughts to this tool - what are the opinions/experiences of the community?

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