Identify tool has lost "primary field"

Discussion created by kimo on Jan 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2010 by bharold-esristaff
The 'primary field' is used to index the tree in an Information tool dialog. But now it seems to default to the text label field, which if empty prevents the details being displayed in the dialog.

This behaviour was the same in 9.3 if the field was empty. Its very frustrating not to be able to open up the record using the (I) tool. You get an entry in the tree, but a blank after the dash which will not open on a click.
The only remedy I found was to change the 'primary' field to a field that was filled. So now I could get an obscure objectid label, but at least I could see the rest of the record.

But now I cannot query an empty symbol at all if there is no label.
In my example plabel does not have a legal description for a road polygon, but it's still a polygon.