Tools in ArcToolbox vs. Tools in ArcMap/Catalog Window

Discussion created by goh_raj on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2010 by krosemanp
We have a few users connected to toolboxes on our servers. If they want to remove a toolbox from the list in ArcToolbox, all they do is right-click on the toolbox and click Remove. This removes it from the list.

If they connect to the toolbox via the Catalog window in ArcMap, they have the option of deleting the toolbox from disk. Is this the only way to access an existing toolbox without adding it to My Toolboxes, because adding it to My Toolboxes will put a copy of the toolbox to my C drive: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\ESRI\Desktop9.4\ArcToolbox\My Toolboxes, and that is not what I want. Because users can delete the toolbox from disk, we will continue to use the ArcToolbox window.

Catalog in ArcMap (or the Toolboxes Section in the Catalog Window) needs to replicate the same functionality found in the ArcToolbox window. I would love to add any and all existing toolboxes to the Toolboxes section in ArcCatalog. It would make this more organized and maybe we can Remove toolboxes from the list instead of deleting it.

In addition, this is why Set Password should be improved so that it prevents users from deleting tools, toolsets and toolboxes with passwords.