Cannot, georeference a raster using the Warp tool.

Discussion created by REWT on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2009 by jie_zhang-esristaff
I am attempting to georeference a raster using the Warp tool, however, I am unable to successfully perform the transformation.

I obtained the source and target coordinates from the link table in the georeference toolbar so I believe that I am using the correct coordinates. Yet, the image does not seem to be transformed when these coordinates are used in the warp tool.

Regarding the spatial reference, the source raster has none.  It simply lives in pixel space. I am trying to georeference the image into World Mercator.

The link coordinates are shown below.

Source X Source Y Target X  Target Y
494.791002 -46.830686 -7912449.632100  5185118.914000
266.456769 -417.356631 -7912472.419000  5185081.789200

How can I properly georeference an image with the warp tool?