Snapping while moving a feature

Discussion created by kimo on Nov 17, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2009 by kimo
I cannot see how snapping while moving a feature works.
When I select a feature to move it, does it become a 'virtual sketch"?
I can see that there is a classic snapping ticbox and the new and old snapping are exclusive. Where can I control what is snapped? Which layers are snappable, if any?

I have a small grid in a layer and a larger grid in another layer.
I want to pick up rectangular polygons in the larger layer and rearrange them to minimise the number of sheets.
The polygon does snap to something, but all over the place and not to the corners that I want.

How I pine for an ArcEdit snapping environment: snap layer(s), snap feature from-to, snap tolerance, snap hierarchy.
But since a snap is happening, have I just missed a setting?