Can 2 cluster layers be displayed at the same time?

Discussion created by tligon on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by tligon
Until recently, I had 2 cluster layers on my map. Only one layer would ever contain data and be displayed at any time. Now I have a situation where I need to add a 3rd cluster layer and display data simultaneously from 2 of the layers. The layers are created and added to the map after the map load event has fired (call them "Cluster 1" and "Cluster 2"). What I'm finding is that Cluster 1 is drawing just fine; Cluster 2 doesn't display any markers at all. If I switch the layer add order, then Cluster 2 draws and Cluster 1 doesn't. No errors in Firebug, no data problems in either layer. I've looked through the cluster layer code and I don't see anything obvious that precludes the second cluster layer from drawing.

Wish I could post code, but the app is still on an intranet. Any ideas?