Does "Keep me signed in" actually work?

Discussion created by mbakerDPS on Jul 2, 2014
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The "keep me signed in" option doesn't seem to be working.

Today reading an ArcGIS Blog post, I was forwarded to a map service ...

To view the map, I clicked the "add to new map" option.

Now Yesterday I know I logged in and clicked "keep me signed in". So this morning I have to do it again. I click the Keep me signed in option, and away I go.

After exploring the map, I visited the next map in the blog post by again clicking "add to new map".

But... Now I'm asked again to sign in...wasn't I 'kept signed in'?

Firefox remembers my username and password, but should AGOL?

Now I remember several years ago there was the concept of logging in and out of your own organization and the main AGOL page... but I don't think that is the case here.

Any thoughts appreciated? This is certainly a waste of time and perhaps a bug in the system?