Availability of basemaps to buy / download

Discussion created by lee.colclough on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by bondah
I have an ArcGIS for WPF application capable of displaying both online (ESRI map server) and local (*.tpk files) basemaps. I currently have a need to be able to load a basemap of China (or at least a small section of) on a machine that has no internet / network connection.

My initial thought was to find / purchase / generate a tpk file (or similar) that can be copied onto the drive of the machine in question, but I am having trouble finding such a thing.

My question is - am I thinking about this the right way? Are basemaps available as tiled packages that can be accessed in such a manner (I'm aware that they can be rather large). If not, what are my alternatives?

Thanks for your help - I'm new to GIS in general so any pointers on this are much appreciated.