Problem with Points

Discussion created by nasersobhan on Jul 1, 2014
hi guys i am trying to add a point on the map but it's not working. and i got no errors as well,

[PHP] public SimpleMarkerSymbol PointMarker()
    return new SimpleMarkerSymbol(Color.GREEN, 35, SimpleMarkerSymbol.STYLE.DIAMOND);

this is the point symbol

and below my main function

[PHP]public void addthepoint()
   map = ((MapView)findViewById(;
   this.pointLayer = new GraphicsLayer();;
   //   HashMap localHashMap = new HashMap();
        // localHashMap.put("name", "ENja");
   double lat = Double.parseDouble("**.8854587");
         double lon = Double.parseDouble("**.2812024");
         mapPnt = new Point(lon, lat);
         Graphic graphic = new Graphic(mapPnt, PointMarker());