How to Get list of data from the attibute table and fill the result in Dataset

Discussion created by stephanie0213 on Jul 1, 2014
Good Day everyone.

I'm not a GIS developer but I handle systems which have GIS components and they are handled by different developers who are expert in GIS.

We are developing this application which would synchronize our data.

The process is this.

I have my own database(SystemDatabase - SQL), from here, it has this  support group table which contains the information of the different agencies.

The GIS Application which is a different system also has its Geodatabase(Attribute Table) which also has its table for the support group.

The scenario is this.

Geodatabase is connected to the SystemDatabase by means of ID.

Now, everytime there's an update in the information of the support group in the systemdatabase we would like to schedule a batch update for the Attribute table.

To answer that, we created a separate application to do the task.

The application would retrieve all the records from support group table in the sql and store it in dataset, this is done already. However, our problem is how we will able to retrieve the data form attribute table and also store the result in dataset using

The rest of the codes for comparing 2 datasets are already done...

The GIS developers here haven't tried that in their existing applications.

Has anyone here tried that?