Web map stress testing options

Discussion created by vandervoort on Jul 1, 2014

I am working on a mission-critical application that will undergo brief periods of terror. Based on "things happening", there may suddenly be a few 10's of thousands making map requests in a brief interval of time (many minutes to a couple of hours).

My client wants to know how an AGOL web map can handle that kind of stress. Rather than writing my own stress test, are there any folks here that have experience with commercial site stressors. I am most interested in how the map responds - the web map will be embedded in another web application hosted elsewhere. I know there are commercial offerings like Blitz, LoadImpact, SiteLoadTesting, and others, but these see more focused on stressing more tradition web applications.

So, does anyone here have any experience and sage buts of wisdom on how to stress test an AGOL web map?