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Relocating Point Data

Question asked by molarch on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by molarch
I have some point data that is on a site specific grid (SSG) in an Excel table. I need to relocate this
data to the Ordnance Survey Grid. I know what the 0,0 of my SSG is as an OS coordinate and another point
along the X axis. The SSG is not orientated correctly.

I have tried converting the point data into a raster data and georeferencing this data. This works fine and the points
end up where I think they should. However I cannot then update the georeferencing of the data. It tells me to rectify
the data instead. This as far as I can see requires me to reprocess the data. When I do this it results in me losing half
the cells of the point data.

Am I going about this entirely the wrong way? Is there a simpler solution?