Override Scale Range

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  • I applied a scale range to a layer within ArcGIS for Desktop.

  • I published this to a hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online (using my account which is Admin).

  • I added this layer to a webMap and saved.

  • Decide that I no longer need this scale range in place.

  • Web-map --> Layer --> Set Visibility Range --> Clear Scale levels

  • Save Web Map AND Save Layer, as per the docco

  • Log out and log back in (all of this has been done with my Admin account) - WebMap still has scale level set.

How do I override the original scale range? 
I would prefer to not have to overwrite the existing service as its possible the original data has been lost/changed schema.

The REST endpoint for the hosted feature service still has Min. Scale: 144447.638571969.
Is it possible to change this either at the service level, the layer level, or at the web-map level?   The latter two I believe my steps above proove that its not working as expected?