Building design from year and material attributes.

Discussion created by KennethLinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Jun 30, 2014
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I was thinking about creating a rule, with the idea from the Paris rule. I got three information???s on every building in Denmark, I could use to determent my façade architecture
1. Building use
2. Date of built
3. Façade material
I???m not going to use my building use, since it would make too many types of instances, 152 different types, before I assigned the date of built.
So I???m going to stick with only a year and material. What I was thinking was to create 9 folders, for every material, and inside each folder there would be some textures equals to the Paris rule, where I take the year end divide it by 10. Is it possible to create a rule where it first would look for the prober folder, and then look for the texture jpg?
Our classification is like that 110 is bricks, then it should look for the texture in the 110 folder. Searched the documentation, and forum, but couldn???t find it. Probably there also is another way around, so would be glad to hear any ideas .