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Discussion created by feifan1988 on Jun 27, 2014
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I'm a novice to this field(GEO). Now experiencing a technical issue.

Background:I'm trying to trans several shape files into svgs, expecting these svg files have similar "a"(number with 6 same decimal point) in the tag form "<crs:CoordinateReferenceSystem
" and combine them into one svg map. However it seems like these shape files have different sizes.
I know ArcMap can export svg file, but in which we cannot transform a the coordinate system to geographic coordinate system, I'm afraid.
The code I use to convert is here.

My questions:
(1) how can I export Layer to a shape file with ArcMap10? So I can load all layers into the same mxd and export them one by one.
(2) Two shape files have different Geographic Coordinate System (GCS_WGS_1984 & Lat Long for MAPINFO type 0 Datum), how do I transform from type 0 to WGS?

Thank you for taking time reading this.
Wish you all enjoy a nice day!