How do you manage and update file geodatabase data?

Discussion created by snoakes on Jun 27, 2014
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We have a lot of data stored as file geodatabases.  We are serving this data via ArcGIS for Server 10.2.2 map services.

Our data is stored in a 'published' area on our network which users do not have write access to.  Users update their data locally and supply it to the GIS team and we then update the published data.

I am interested in the methodologies other organisations have come up with to manage and update data in this scenario.

The options I am exploring at the moment are to either:

a) in Windows Explorer copy and paste the folder dataset_name.gdb - directly overwriting the files seems to work and ArcGIS for Server picks up the changes to the data straight away. This does not seem a very robust solution though - I'm not sure how it would work with a large dataset, and I'm also concerned that if something went wrong we would end up with corrupt datasets

b) Stop ArcGIS for Server. Use Catalog (or Python scripting) to rename the current data then copy and paste in the new data.  This could be done at either the geodatabase or feature class level. Restart ArcGIS for Server.  This is more robust but I am keen to avoid unnecessary regular downtime.

How do you manage your data?  Do you have a better workflow?  I'm really interested in what other people are doing so please get involved in the discussion.


Sarah Noakes
Cornwall Council