ESRI Webmap VS. ArcMap performance difference with World Imagery basemap

Discussion created by Cep86 on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by Cep86
Is there a way to get the Aerial Imagery basemap to work in ArcMap as it does in this service linked below?  Through the description it seems like it's supposed to be the same service, but there is definitely a difference in response/load time when panning/zooming around the map. 


I have tried many different things to speed up the performance of basemap response time.  I'll list them below:
1.) Reduced the number of useable scales
2.) Projected the data to match the basemap projection
3.) Disabled hardware acceleration
4.) Moved my cache folder to my C:/

I think that about covers what I've done.

*EDIT*  Additional question:  Would performance be enhanced if I save the downloadable layer files from Here:?  I'm going to assume not because the layer files are quite small and I'm thinking they're no different than if I were to add the basemap the regular way through the add basemap button.  Just a thought that I figured someone could clear up for me.