How to export a set of layers into multiple PDF(orAI)files, one layer at a time?

Discussion created by Remerer on Jun 26, 2014
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I am completely new to the arcpy.mapping module.I have a dataset contains files named as "1_A, 1_B, 1_C....12_A,12_B, 12_c,....200_A, 200_B, 200_C..etc."  I need to export each feature layer, one at a time , to a PDF or AI file through a COMPLETELY AUTOMATED process.  I tried to use Addlayer and Removelayer tool in Model Builder but they all run for one single feature layer once at a time and I can neither connect  the add and remove process to each other, nor could I connect the process through Iterator to the script tool anyway. This means although I use model builder or write python scrip, I have to change the layers (or the name of layers) for hundereds of times and save every layer into a new MXD file and export then to pdfs.

I was thinking about turnning on one of the layers at a time, export a .ai file with that layer visible, then turn that layer off and move on to the next layer in the list. I'm wondering if you have any suggestion about building the model or the scripts?

Thanks A Lot!!