map.extent gives back NaN values

Discussion created by wolveware on Jun 25, 2014
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i am working on a bug for some weeks now. when i call map.extent to get xmin, xmax, ymin and ymax sometimes i get NaN values for one or two of the values in the extent. i am not able to reproduce this behaviour! does anybody had the same isse? sometimes i get four NaN values but most of the times i get one or two NaN values. if i call map.extent like 20 times i get the error once.

infos to the application: arcgis is integrated into a jquerymobile webapp which is of course using jquery. some actions open a jquerymobile page which overlays the arcgis map. after some actions on this page it hides and the map shows up again. after that map.extent is called and some ajax requests. i think it has something todo with the overlaying jquerymobile page.

some devs mentioned to turn of the autoResize option, which i did. it got better but it happens nevertheless.

thx for the help