No route found in Route Solver, Closest Facility Solver

Discussion created by adamorgan9 on Jun 24, 2014
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I am trying to solve for the shortest distance between a set of points to one specific point (in a different feature class). I've set up my network dataset and solver so that my connection is at endpoints and my impedance is feet. When I solve for closest facilities (the single facility feature class) some of my incident points return an error that "no facilities found". My search tolerance is 50 miles, which I know to be much greater than needed.

I do not have one ways turned on.

When I use the route solver, I return an error when choosing pick points on top of the facility and on top of the incidents that return an error. However, when I move the pick point to a location near the error-indicent, I am able to eventually find a route that works.

What can be going on here? It is another connectivity error other than one way?

Furthermore, when I rebuild the network dataset and set my connection to verticies, and solve the same closest facility solver, ALL of the incidents return a route.

Why would this change in connectivity matter?

Thank you in advance for your help.