a version contains an unwanted change to the target

Discussion created by griner on Jun 24, 2014
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We use versioning as a sort of QC tool in our office. One person creates a version, saves their edits to it, and then a second person reviews the version and, if all seems OK, posts it back to the target. This gets two sets of eyes looking at things before they're incorporated into the production database. After posting, the version is deleted. We have about 15 datasets (layers) that we manage this way and the features in them overlap spatially. During an edit session, it sometimes happens that a polygon, say, is inadvertently edited. This unintended edit gets into the version along with all the other intended edits. We see these unintended edits when the second person looks at the version and sees them in the Version Changes window. These unintended edits are NOT conflicts - no one else has changed (or deleted) the same polygon. There are no reconciliation errors. The version contains one edit (out of 40 or 50, e.g.) that we don't want.

We'd like these mistaken edits to not post to the target, but we don't want to throw away all the intended edits that are in the same version.

How can we remove these mistaken edits from the version so we can post just the remaining valid edits to the target?

The Version Changes window lists all the changes in the version (when compared to the target). What I search for is to click on one of these changes in the window and say "remove this change from this version" ? But there may be some other way to achieve the same effect.