Databases connection and security question

Discussion created by Pardee on Jun 24, 2014

My organization recently granted an ArcGIS 10.1 license to me. I want to use the databases I have access to, to make some awesome maps. This endeavor takes me into a realm I've never gone before. I am one of a very few employee who have access to the databases I work with, and some of the information is private and must be kept secure. However, there is a lot of info I can use for map-making. I am the only one who will use any of the databases for ArcGIS. I've connected the database to ArcGIS 10.1, but now it say's "Access to this resources is forbidden, regardless of authorization." This happens when I try to geocode addresses, but I suspect it would happen when I try other tools as well. The databases I work with are very large and updated a few time a year.

My question is how can I access the data I want to use to make maps, keep it secure so I am the only one who can see everything but allow the data to stay in it's shared location so it can be updated?

Also, what exactly is ArcGIS Server? I have to "grant permission for ArcGIS Server to view the data" to work with the server and database. Is there someone on the other side that will be able to see my data or is it just an automated service? Who exactly am I granting permission to?

Thank you in advance for any advice!