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dGrid in Floating Pane, won't sort until I resize larger?

Question asked by schlot on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by schlot
I have a floating pane containing a dGrid/OnDemandGrid that opens when the user clicks the 'Data Table' button.  I'm having problem using the functionality where you can click the header name and have the data sort on that field.  I know there is a lot of styling involved in getting the grids to be just right, but I'm not seeing what I need to fix.  Maybe something with the dgrid scroller?  I also have that nested scrollbar look I don't mean to have. 

As soon as I resize my floating pane, both the extra scrollbar and my headers start looking and behaving the way I expect, allowing me to click on the headers to sort the data in that column. 

I know I have a style problem, but someone spot what I need to change?  It doubt all my code will fit in the thread, but here's my CSS, followed by my jsFiddle link.
 #gridContainer{   height: 90%; } .dgrid {     position: relative;     overflow: auto;     /* This is needed by IE to prevent crazy scrollbar flashing */     border: 1px solid #dddddd;     display: block;     color:black; }  .dgrid-grid {  height: auto;  min-height:350px; }  .dgrid-header {     font-weight: normal;     font-size:12px;     height: auto; } .dgrid-content {     position: relative;     margin-top: 20px;     font-size:12px;     width:inherit; }  .dgrid .dgrid-cell {     min-width: 50px;    border-color: #dddddd;    mid-height:  50px;    padding:5px 0px 5px 0px; }  .dgrid .dgrid-scroller {     max-height: 300px;     position: relative; }  .dgrid .field-OBJECTID, .field-Shape.len {     min-width: 0px; }