Published MXD set to relative pathing... I don't want that.

Discussion created by simpsonr on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by simpsonr
For some reason, when I publish an mxd to AGS 10.2.2, it always gets published with relative paths turned on, which I don't want.

Something that seems very confusing is that when I analyze the map prior to publishing, it will give me the error that it's going to copy the data to the server... I correct that issue by putting in the correct local dive where are file geodatabases live (which I guess I need to have on my local publishing PC as well as the servers) but we use multiple servers and so I end up having create a data store entry in AGS for each server in the site.  Each one has the file gdb data on local drives.

Anyway, this process is very confusing and in any event, I can't seem to get the published MXD to not be set to relative pathing.  The AGS site directories are in a shared network area and that's where the MXD gets published to, but the data feed for the MXD resides locally on each C drive on the servers.  The published map data paths get set to relative pathing and therefore, try to look for the file geodatabase data on the shared network drive, which of course is wrong.

Please, what step am I missing here to publish these MXD's properly?