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Model Builder: Calculate Statistics for whole dataset and export into a single table.

Question asked by ashubra on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by ashubra
Good morning,

My goal here is to use the iterate tool and have the model run through each feature class(about 60+ feature classes) within a dataset, calculate the frequency/count of a ModifiedBy field & CreatedBy field and have the output be a single pivot table that is sortable by feature class, Modified By user & Created By user. I also need to it add the name of the feature class it pulled the statistics from.  We want to use this on a monthly basis to see how often people are updating each feature class.

I am running into issues with the interate tool over writing my statistics output table from the feature class before it.
so I need it to almost append the new values it created to a new table before it overwrites it and moves on to the next feature class.

Any help would be great.