Does anyone have a good resource for deploying a JS Application?

Discussion created by WightmanAssoc on Jun 23, 2014
First off, I have no development experience.  I am trying to locate some information on what exactly is needed to deploy a JS application for our clients.  They would like to be able to view and interact with some basic data sets (parcels, water, sewer, storm, etc).  The ability to create mailing lists from selected data is important as well.

Most of our clients are small and cannot justify the cost of ArcGIS Server.  Also, most will not have any ESRI software, but some will have ArcMap at the least.  I would like to be able to replicate the process easily so it can be deployed in other areas as well.  The ability to take the data in the field would be nice as well.            

What software/hardware is needed?
Is ArcGIS Server a must?

Any links/information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.