ArcGIS Server login credentials

Discussion created by HSL_GIS on Jun 22, 2014

Hoping someone can help with my issue. I contacted ESRI support about this issue though they haven't replied after my initial correspondance in a month.

I have created an internal website with the JavaScript API (v3.7). Using ArcGIS Server Manager (v10.2) I set up users to logon using their Windows accounts. Users are able to see my webmap with the data I present to them fine, however they don't seem to have access to the legend icons that accompany the data which appear as broken links.

http://<server>/arcgis/rest/services/ServiceName/MapServer/0/images/image ID value

The above is an example of the link to one of the legend images. If this is copied into a web browser it gets redirected to the REST API login page. Upon logging in here the image can be seen, and the images then appear in the website also.

If I then logout of the REST API and clear the internet cache the image links once again get broken in the website. I do not want my users to have to log-in to the REST API just to view these images when everything else seems to work fine.

How come user credentials are not being passed from the website to the REST API in order to access the legend images? Is there some setting I'm missing?