From Google Earth, Arcmap, CityEngine

Discussion created by fadh0803 on Jun 20, 2014
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I am now finishing my thesis by using CityEngine (CE). My thesis is basically about the "Application of 3D modelling in Planning Control (Urban Planning) and Public Participation". Basically I only have one more week to finish my analysis. So i have to start from zero since I am new in CityEngine.

So basically my data is from .Tab file and I have exported it to be used in ShapeFile. It is the Land Use data given by the local Authority. So can u recommend any video that I can refer to export the data from ArcMap to CityEngine.

I have already have the Street layer from the Land Use data that I have exported from the .Tab file. So how to use it to grow the street in CE? Than, how to used the images from the Google Earth as the base for my project?

How to make the Google Earth image as the basemap for the CE..Basically i have make the georeferencing in ArcMap, then how to make it being used in CityEngin?How to export the image, how to open it in the CE with the land use map for my project?