World Topographic Map very out-of-date

Discussion created by chlang on Jun 19, 2014
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   In our community the there has been some placing of building footprints and zoning info on the World Topographic Map, which is nice, although it would be nice if more layers were added, like lot lines but the underlying layers of the topo map itself are horribly out of date.  This is in a major Canadian city (Edmonton, AB), with a population of over a million people so you would think it would be higher priority for frequent updates, but there are railways shown in the downtown area that haven't been there since the early 1990's.  And the Light Rail Transit tracks that have been in place for about 36 years aren't shown.  The roads layer for neighbourhoods around the edges of the city are about 1-3 years out of date.  Beaverhill Lake east of the city is shown as being around 40000 hectares, but the current lake is less than 4000 ha.  How do these maps get updated?  Who can I talk to about fixing the data?  It's embarrassing to use them in their current state.