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Monthly Averages for 30 yr dataset

Question asked by sesmith926 on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by sesmith926
Morning, I've been digging through the forum for a few days to find a script that could help me. I've currently found:

import arcpy arcpy.CheckOutExtension("spatial") arcpy.env.workspace = "F:\\ECV\\netCDFtoRaster" arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True   for year in range(1990,2010):  # 1990 through 2010     for month in range(13):      # 1 to 12         # wildcard - "ECV_SM_MERG_{1:02d}*.TIF" (format month 1 -> "01")         wild = "ECV_SM_MERG_{1:02d}*.TIF".format(year, month)          rasters = arcpy.ListRasters(wild) # list all rasters for a month         output = "F:\\ECV\\Month_"+str(month)+"_"+str(year)+".tif"     for raster in rasters: # Process: Cell Statistics         print (rasters), output, "MEAN", "DATA") 

However when I run this, it will only iterate through the 12th month - it will not do the others. How can I make it so the code will iterate through December of all the years, then January, February, and so on?

Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks!