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Discussion created by anne.n on Jun 19, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I have a seriously data projection problem.
I'm working on evolution forest project. Si I have data on the same place (natural reserve) in 2000 and 2010. I'm working on this data (raster and shapefile) since two months with the same projection. I have my shapefile 2010 place on the top of shapefile 2000.
I don't know why, but today, it don't match.... My shapefile 2010 don't match with shapefile 2000.
I was looking for on the web, forum and I tried different method to solve my problem: import a coordinate system by propriety, use the project tool in the toolbox 'data management tool_Projections and tranformation_feature_project'.... This method give the same apparent system projection in the property, but not works ...
An other information is my data are in decimal degre but since the beginning I was working in meters ....

Please, if anyone have an idea! Thanks!