Low percentage of ArcGIS Ideas being implemented?

Discussion created by kreuzrsk on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by kpinkston-esristaff
Why doesn't ESRI  put more resources into implementing  the requests from the ArcGIS Ideas site?  There are some really simple suggestions out there like adding back the "License type".  The license type was there in 10.0 and removed in 10.1 so ESRI removed something that was not broken and took no system resources but it did take someone at ESRI time to remove.  Now users must do two mouse clicks to find out the license type. 

We have 33 concurrent Advanced and 28 concurrent Basic licenses.  When users get an out of license message they email our GIS distribution list asking is someone could free up a license.  But the users don't know to check the Help | About section to find out what the license type is so we have people freeing up ArcInfo licenses when the person who can't get in needs an ArcView license.  This wasn't a problem before. 

Instead of ranting I went to ESRI's ArcGIS Ideas section like I have many times.  I found two similar ideas were already there with 590 points between the two with the older one going back 2 years.  So now I'm ranting.  The number of implemented ideas seems pretty low compared to the ideas number of ideas submitted!  I know some ideas have a point value in the thousands but just aren't feasible and I get that.  But, ESRI seems to ignore many of the ideas requesting that the fix something they broke and that's what causes the most frustration as a user!

BTW, I still visit the Ideas page a couple times a week but I'm wondering if it's even worth the effort?  I can't tell what percent of the ideas are ESRI is implementing.

Below are the two current ideas that are already out there on the license type issue.
  Restore license level to window name

  Re-add license level information to ArcMap/ArcCatalog title bar