Overwriting a File Geodatabase while in use

Discussion created by student_g_i_s on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by vangelo-esristaff
I am trying to update a file geodatabase on a server. The FGDB is provided to us as a whole and we just host it on our server. The provider send us a new FGDB every month having an identical structure (i.e. FGDB name, feature names, etc.) and what getting updated from time to time is the number of records in feature classes.

We do not want the users to loss their map document connections every month. Considering that the structure is identical in each release, I want to replace the old version with the new FGDB every month. I did try it but there was a lock on the FGDB. Apparently, I could not edit the FGDB as other users might still have it open. Is there anyway to overwrite or edit a FGDB regardless of the lock?