HELP with Orthorectification

Discussion created by LMS2 on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by mcollins999
I was hoping someone could help me out with orthorectifying an image. I have .jpg image I wish to georeference and scale for relief based on a DEM layer (in the form of an .asc/ASCII) for the same location.

My progress thus far:

�?�Imported both files into ArcMap
�?�In the table of contents over the .jpg layer right click to select Properties>Display>Orthorectification>DEM (with the name of my .asc DEM selected in adjacent the drop down menu)>OK
�?�The .jpg disappears and I am left with the solid grey .asc DEM layer visible on the data frame (I found this strange)
�?�Navigate to the windows toolbar>image analysis
�?�Select both the .tif and .asc layers in the Image Analysis' Table of Contents
�?�Select the Orthorectify button under Processing as it becomes available
�?�Select the new "Ortho_..." layer in the Image Analysis' Table of Contents and hit the Export button under Processing
�?�Nothing happens - the export window appears to be in a loop, never finishing the export process, and eventually crashing... leading me back to square one

Oh, and the catch?...I do not have access to the ArcToolbox or ArcScene so am not able to use any of the 3D Analyst tools.
If any of you Arc Superheroes out there could come up with a solution for me I would be incredibly grateful.

Thank you in advance,