multi-Clip in ArcGIS 10?

Discussion created by wsr102209 on Jun 18, 2014
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Hi all
  I have a question in my project! The thing is that : I have two maps, one is a polygon map of cities (area of cities) at global scale. another one is a adminstrative boundary map (also at global scale).  Now I need a function or tool to multi-clip area of cities according to the boundary map. For example, A (area map) as a input layer and B,C,D,E,F.... (boundary map with different selected countries) as a clipped map. I knew that Clip function can work well with one clipped layer but cannot work with multi-tasks (for example if I would like to clip 50,100 cities or even more in same times). I just wonder if there was any function or code that can make this possible?

If you have any suggestion or idea, I would give all my thanks to you!