Spatial Join, no attribute merge.

Discussion created by bem08c on Jun 17, 2014
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I have two layers, a point layer with 16 features and a polygon layer with 14 features. Each point lies within a polygon with two polygons containing multiple points.

I want to run a spatial join that will give take each point and give it the geometry of the polygon it falls within, ending with a polygon layer containing 16 features.

Currently i am doing this by running a spatial join with the polygons as the target features, points as the join features and using the 'one two many' join operation so that polygons containing multiple points will be duplicated.

The problem is that despite being duplicated the polygons in the output that had multiple points within each have the same attribute data. The reasoning for this is the 'merge rule' parameter.

Does anyone know of a way i can turn off merge rule so that polygons containing multiple points arent given 'mean first last.... data'??