Printing BaseMap Issues with ESRI's Print Template Sample

Discussion created by mvolz47 on Jun 17, 2014
I have combined ESRI's print templates with esri.request sample with the addition of my own tiled mapservice layer as a basemap.  If I generate a print when zoomed out to the furthest extent of the tiled mapservice layer, the tiled mapservice layer does not show up in the print-out, but at all other available scales, the tiled mapservice layer appears in the printout.  The same phenomenon occurs with ESRI's basemap, although you need to zoom out to the entire world to see this occur.  Would anyone know why this is occurring?

In addition, I can see a zoom in/zoom out buttons on the sample with my basemap, but the original ESRI sample does not show  zoom in/zoom out buttons.  Would anyone know why this is occurring if the changes in code are only pointing to my organizations mapservices?