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InfoWindow zoom issue after upgrade to Server 10.2.2

Question asked by jestanford on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by jestanford
Ever since upgrading ArcGIS Server to 10.2.2 I've been experiencing some strange behavior from the Zoom To function on the default InfoWindow. When I click Zoom To the map zooms out so far that I can no longer see any other layers or my basemap. All my services, serving a variety of data sources exhibit this behavior. The layers seem to work correctly in every other way.

To rule out issues with my code, I open this sample in a sandbox and swap out a service on my 10.2.2 machine for the parcelsURL variable. I get the funky behavior. I then publish the same dataset on a 10.11 box and the sample works as expected.

When zooming to the same feature, the map based on the 10.2.2 service is zoomed to XMin: -1100124434934.61 YMin: 33623503.45 XMax: -1099873496451.23 YMax: 173729518.82 while the map based on the 10.11 service is zoomed to XMin: -10371573.06 YMin: 4422116.48 XMax: -9391344.61 YMax: 4969405.60.

Any ideas?
Thank you!