Shortlist Template Will Not Work

Discussion created by daprixm on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by ressinger-esristaff
I've been looking on the forums and working on this issue for a couple of days now and cannot figure out what is wrong.  I have made a web map which fits the Storytelling Shortlist downloadable/configurable template, however it will not load.  I have tried uploading a .csv file, a shapefile and even though it is not supported, publishing a service from the desktop.  Nothing I made would work from my account.  The example templates, San Diego and Palm Springs work as well as one or two I have seen in threads.  I do not have any special characters in the attributes, I only have the designated attributes from the instructions, I have made bookmarks and at this point I have stripped everything from the map because I could not figure out which component was not working. 

This is my web map:


And the shortlist


Again, there is no problem with the downloadable examples.  It's something I am missing in the map or the data.