Server 10.2 - service capabilities missing?

Discussion created by gcooke76 on Jun 16, 2014
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Hi All,

Just installed server 10.2.2 today on Windows Server 2012 hyper v box. All seemed ok, authorised and set up a web adaptor etc.. I published a test service from within ArcGIS desktop 10.1 but the service only has feature access capability (ie no mapping or KML etc..) also when i navigate to the rest endpoint i only get the option to open the service in ArcGIS.com (which doesnt work for me as i am on a restricted LAN with limited internet access).

With my 10/10.1 services i get options to open in google maps or javascript etc..

I registered the database in server 10.2 manager where the map data resides and this also worked fine and validate ok. (Nb This was also a 10.1 database). I thought 10.2 server worked with 10.1 desktop and db??

Am I doing something glaringly wrong, omitting a step or hitting some compatibility issue?

Hope someone can help.