Improve Performance of Geoprocessing Service - GPServerSync.Load

Discussion created by zmaillard on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by jamesfreddyc
I have a geoprocessing service in ArcGIS Server 10.1 that is a simple Print Task. The task is running as an Asynchronous service. It renders one MapService from the same ArcGIS Server instance, and another basemap mapservice from ArcGIS online and generates a PDF. The service is taking over 3 minutes to run. When I turn verbose logging on, I notice that the elapsed time between the following log messages is around 3 minutes:

<Msg time='2014-06-16T06:11:55,546' type='VERBOSE' code='20023' target='WebPrinter.GPServer' methodName='GPServerSync.Load.PrintTask' machine='AGDC-DEV4.LOCAL' process='9632' thread='10020' user='null' elapsed='0.00084'>Load job jc01d9192a4bb4eecbc8317b3d12b34d9 message type REST message size 1218</Msg>
<Msg time='2014-06-16T06:14:13,724' type='VERBOSE' code='103004' target='WebPrinter.GPServer' methodName='Map.Draw' machine='DEV4.LOCAL' process='9632' thread='10020' user='null' >Beginning of geography phase.</Msg>

Once the draw phase starts, the job finishes in seconds. I am unclear on what the GPServerSync.Load method does, and how to optimize it. If I try making a PDF in ArcMap of the two same services, it takes seconds. I do not think that the services involved in making the map are the holdup.