HERE (Nokia) Maps

Discussion created by klapine on Jun 15, 2014
I can't seem to find references to HERE (Nokia) Maps in these forums, besides one post in the ArcGIS API for Silverlight.

That probably means HERE services are not hugely popular in ArcGIS community but from my experience they provide better background coverage than basemaps from ArcGIS Online.

Last year I've developed a TiledMapServiceLayer class using HERE API for adding HERE tiled layers to an ESRI map.

I know the latest ArcGIS API-s for JS allow for using the WebTiledLayer class to get non-ArcGIS tiles via a REST interface. That is what I do for new applications when I need a non-ArcGIS background. At the time, however, I had to deal with an application built on version 2.6.

I recently posted the development in GitHub to share some IE9/IE10 issues with the HERE team. I thought I'd share it with this community as well - in case someone is interested in having HERE layers in a map built on an older version of ArcGIS API for JavaScript (i.e., below 3.2) or need access to HERE JS API from within the map for some other reasons.

Here is the link: