Locate Features Along Routes (Linear Referencing) tool produces too many events

Discussion created by geo2387 on Jun 12, 2014

ArcGIS: 10.1

I have a railway feature class (route) with Z & M values. There are 5 route lines in the feature class with an associated route ID (character). My point feature class (in_features) contains around 10,000 points which are dispersed all around the 5 routes. When the two feature classes are put through this tool (radius is set large to target all 10,000 points) the resulting event table has around 400 additional points. I have worked out that these additional points are duplicates and are positioned on top of each other normally in the middle between two of the route lines. It feels like the tool is ignoring the route_locations (unchecked) parameter ot it struggles when a point maybe exactly between two lines. I have adjusted tolerances, unchecked/checked distance field and all other manner of checking/unchecking parameters for the tool but it still results in 400 additional points. I have also tried adjusting the XY Resolution and Tolerance in the Environment settings but this produces the same amount of additional points.

I have unchecked Distance field as I read on another Thread that the distance calculation can cause problems but it still results in the same additional points and other Threads have gone unanswered which allude to a Bug with this tool.

Can anyone explain the additional points?

Many thanks! :)