Unable to query related table in offline sqlite database replica

Discussion created by khalligan on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by RChintapalli-esristaff
I am working with the latest version of the Android SDK (2.2.3) and AGO Sync capabilities to provide a local, offline SQLite database.  I have created a feature service that includes a feature layer and related a table that is essentially a 'stand alone' table, rather than a related feature layer.  The relationship information is coming across fine in the SQLite database replica downloaded from the feature service.  I am able to query the feature layer for it's relationship, and use that to formulate a query of the related tables.  The problem is that it keeps coming up with an empty result when I query the related table, even though there are data in that table.  It seems like there is good support for related tables if they are feature layer tables, but not if they are stand alone business tables.  I am currently querying the related table by using the FeatureTable class, because that seems to be the only appropriate class within com.esri.core.geodatabase for querying an offline SQLite database.  I thought that there might be a generic 'Table' class that would support related tables that are not FeatureTables, but I don't see one in the API reference.  Querying the related table using the FeatureTable class does not appear to be working.  In the code snippet below, the results are correct for FlightlinePoints which is a Point Layer, but return an empty result for Mission, which is a table.  Does anyone know if query of non-feature tables is supported using ArcGIS Android version 2.2.3 API?  If so, can you provide API reference or code snippet showing this in action?  If not, is there any workaround other than rolling our own SQLite database using standard Android tools and coding the CRUD to sync it programatically with the standard AGS REST endpoint?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.