Asking for Diagram Creating Code

Discussion created by zhengxing on Jun 10, 2014
Hi All,

We want create a entity relationship diagram (ERD) for our geodatabase. Instead of a "jpg" output, we'd like to get a editable diagram, just like what we see in the interface of ArcGIS Diagrammer. Because we need to add hyperlink to corresponding data dictionary for each feature class. I tried it, but I couldn't copy the diagram from Diagrammer Interface directly to MS word. Since ArcGIS Diagrammer can read the xml file to create a diagrammer on the fly, I just wonder whether your code for Diagrammer is open-source. If so, could you send us your code of creating such a diagram from a xml file? Then we can create such a similar diagram in MS word, just like what you have done in ArcGIS Diagrammer. Thank you!